What am I looking at?

Interactive Data contains two interactive graphs: Real-Time Data Graph (top) and Analyzed Data Graph (bottom). Real-Time Data Graph shows real-time groundwater quality data from the sensor in the field, and Analyzed Data Graph displays probability of anomaly analyzed by the anomaly detection system, CANARY.

How do I use this?

The default graphs show a 7-day data of the CHILL monitoring station. If you want to see the data from different monitoring station and time frame, please select a station from the drop-down list and the desired time range, and click ‘Graph it!’

What does this information mean?

You can see the real-time groundwater quality of the station for your desired time range from the top graph, and the anomaly probability from the bottom graph.

When the anomaly probability is closer to zero, the groundwater quality is in normal condition. When the probability is closer to one, there is a greater chance that the groundwater quality has changed. The change can either be due to a natural change or due to contamination.

For more information about the anomaly detection system, please visit here

For more details about the anomaly detection system, please visit here